Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Table of Contents

This blog is a collection of my writings.
The pieces appear in their original versions, sometimes different from those in print. I use a blog, rather than my website, which relates to my activities as an artist and filmmaker, for their on-line publication. I have also published a number of books.

Angels of Light
a very short tribute to bearded drag queens

Berlin 1961 
The United States films the building of the Berlin Wall, and other things as well.

Bike Boy 
an attempt to grapple with one of Andy Warhol’s great, neglected “sexploitation” films

A Capitalist Hallucination 
a visit to Enterprise Square USA in Edmond, Oklahoma

Fred Halsted: The Butt Interview 
a word collage drawn from the published utterances of the great gay auteur

Government Issue 
how a young girl from Steubenville, Ohio changed adult movies forever

“a farrago of cheap pornography”

Life in Film: Oscar Micheaux 
a tribute to America’s greatest filmmaker

Nowhere to Hide 
taking a stab at architectural criticism 

Odires Mlászho 
a too-brief mention of a fascinating artist almost unknown in the Northern Hemisphere

Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before 
my essay on contemporary fans of The Smiths and Morrissey

an essay on the films of Curt McDowell, and incidentally, what’s wrong with filmmaking today

We Are Not Amused 
wish fulfillment: Curt McDowell’s painting of dead Beatles

A Witch Hunt at Amateur Hour 
one of law enforcement’s follies, exhumed from the archives and examined